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Bali Sea Walker



Sea Walker is an adventure tour the streets on the ocean floor has been present in Bali. This activity is very suitable for you who like adventure under the sea to enjoy the life of the fish and beautiful underwater plants. With Walker Sea tour, you do not need to know how to swim or also have a diving certificate. Equipped with a special helmet and oxygen, you will be able to walk and breathe just like on the mainland. The weight of the helmet when on land less than 32 kg and when they are worn in the water or the sea weighs approximately 5 kg. Children Minimum age 9 years can join to participate. In fact, tourists who wear soft contact lenses or glasses no obstacle.

Net Price :
US $ 40 / person / 40 minutes

What to bring :
Hat, Sun glasses, Sun screen, Sandal, Change Clothe, Towel, Camera

Price inclusive of:
Safety Equipment
Medical insurance
Free using locker